Flying through August in an Olympic State of Mind

Mike in his element in Antiparos, Greek islands

It’s been just over 48 hours since I stepped off an Olympic Airways flight from the Greek island of Santorini, via Athens, to Toronto. Together with my wife, Hilary, and daughter, Dani-Emma, I spent 5 days on that glorious island. Prior to Santorini, we spent 4 days on the Islands of Paros and Antiparos close to Santorini.

If you’re looking for the most beautiful places on the planet, with food, people and prices to match, go to the Greek Islands. Every square foot is gorgeous. Even the beer seems to taste better there. And there’s nothing like an Ouzo to help the sun go down.

So I’m still flying on the after-pleasure of a spectacular holiday. I feel relaxed, loose, sun-kissed and ready for another season. I’ve even got rid of my back ache which plagued me prior to the trip. Maybe it’s the spirit of the islands that’s still flowing through my blood stream or maybe it’s the daily swim in the Aegean sea that loosened up my vertebra, but it feels fabulous. Now i just have to maintain it.

That’s the beauty of the human mind: I can go back to Paros and Santorini any time I want. In fact, I’m there right now. Just like the picture, I’m leaning against the sign with my name on it. I’m basking in the late afternoon sun. I’m sucking in the sea air. I’m happy. Polikalo – fantastic.

I hope your summer has been exquisite. I hope you’ve recharged and regenerated yourself for another action packed fall. If not, there’s still a few days of summer left. Use them well…

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