The 10 secrets to flourishing in the Year of The Dragon

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon,  the mythical — and the most powerful — creature of the 12-animals in the  Chinese zodiac. The legendary beast symbolizes authority, audacity, honor and dignity. As the luckiest and most auspicious of the 12 animals, the dragon signifies unprecedented opportunities. In a dragon year, people are said to be able to harness the creature’s magical abilities to pursue their dreams with creativity, passion, courage and confidence.

“The overall energy of a dragon year is vital and competitive, with people feeling a strong urge to gain respect and achievement,” says Hong Kong-based Chinese and Western astrologer Jupiter Lai. Competence will be the dominant feeling in 2024.

This environment is accentuated by the dragon’s association with yang, the active principle of the universe in ancient Chinese philosophy characterized by activity, vitality, positivity and productivity. Courageous leaders who take chances will find themselves with more opportunities than expected.” 

Whatever happened in 2023 is history. It is a platform from which to leap into 2024. Ambivalence, hesitation, prevarication, procrastination, timidity, half-measures and excuse-making just won’t cut it this year. Luck will favour the bold. And I’m not talking about being brash or reckless. I’m also not talking about being arrogant, egotistical or hubristic. That will only position you for a fall. I’m talking about being confident, humble, optimistic, compassionate and kind, or CHOCK for short.

All the signs point to a robust economic year. Deloitte Canada predicts the Canadian economy will return to growth in the second half of 2024, with interest rate cuts as early as this spring. In the US, the economy is starting to roll. Inflation is dropping sharply. Interest rates are headed downward, and unemployment is low. Animal spirits are starting to rise again as one would expect in the Year of The Dragon. 

No doubt, horrible things will happen in 2024. Wars will continue. People will hate and attack each other. Wickedness, injustice and unfairness will win sometimes – just like every other year. Bad attacks good wherever it can. Trouble, threats, crises, problems, dilemmas, and conundrums are the raw material of innovation and progress. One person’s misery is another person’s opportunity. So, what’s it going to be for you? Will you be a naysayer or a gamechanger? Will you swing for the fences or just sit on them? Will you reach all the way down and be worthy of your gifts, or will you blame the world for your inertia? It’s your call to make every single day of the year. 

So here are Lipkin’s 10 secrets to flourishing in the year of the dragon:

  1. Believe in your own super-power to prevail. Find your own faith. Discover your personal potency. Grow your inner game so you can grow your outer game. Be undefeatable – whatever it takes. Talk to the people who will buoy you. 
  2. Let go of what’s holding you back. Review your mental models – the way you make sense of the world. Identify what you need to change and commit to changing it. Yes, it will be uncomfortable but that’s exactly the point. The struggle is what builds your muscle. 
  3. Know what success looks like for you by December 31 2024. Make it crystal. See it the way you can see me right now. Visualize your #1 goal. Then keep it front and centre all the time. In my case, it’s the publishing of my new book that will be out next month and taking it to best seller status. What’s yours?
  4. Be on purpose. Know what inspires you to cut through the crises that come at you every day. Remind yourself multiple times an hour how you’re enriching others’ lives. Be useful and uplifting in equal measure. That’s what I’m trying to be right now.
  5. Plan for your priorities. Put first things first. Be ruthless in providing time and resources for what matters most. Create your plan and then keep on planning. As things change, change your plan but never compromise on the actions that pull you into your desired future. 
  6. Take it one day at a time. Life is daily. The only reality is the minute you’re in. The past and the future are just mental constructs designed to thrill or terrify us. Make this moment count. Bring out your best right now. Make it a habit. Every second is a once in a lifetime experience. 
  7. Cultivate your communities. Identify the people who will enable your success. Let them know how much they mean to you. Give and give and give because that’s how you receive. Build a reputation for generosity and quality so people give you their most precious gift – their time. 
  8. Blend artificial intelligence with natural intelligence. Harness the power of the new technologies. Multiply your imagination and scale your execution. Use every tool available to you. Magic has been democratized. The wow is always just one click away. Keep on experimenting with the next breakthrough.
  9. Go for the No. Relish rejection. Fall in love with failure. Dance with disappointment. There will be a lot of them. Winners will always lose more than losers because they are trying more things. Many No’s make a yes. Many wrongs get it right. Every No you hear is a sign that you’re in the arena going for victory. 
  10. Forgive everyone and everything, including yourself. You’re going to mess up. And so is everyone around you. Grudges are a heavy load to carry. Anger and resentment are exhausting. Don’t be naïve, but don’t be distrustful either. Get better, not bitter.

That’s it from me. Now go unleash your inner dragon and light some real fires!

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  1. Anita Shilliday

    I absolutely loved the article on the Year of the Dragon! The insights touched me deeply and made perfect sense. I am excited to apply many of the points, particularly focusing on CHOCK in the upcoming year. Fantastic read!


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