You Belong Here

Hi, this is Mike Lipkin and I’m thrilled to introduce you to You Belong Here – How To Make People Feel safe To Be Their Best, Take Bold Risks, and Win. I’m also thrilled to introduce you to my co-author, the remarkable Dr Diane McIntosh. Diane is one of Canada’s most respected psychiatrists. She’s also an educator, entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for better mental health care. Together, we have created a game changing guide to enabling people to perform at their best and build their community at the same time. We blend cutting edge brain science with proven motivation and communication strategies to help you and the people you care most about win.

You Belong Here is a statement that every person longs to hear. It is the assurance that frees us to face our future because others have got our back. It’s also one of the greatest compliments we can receive. It means we are part of a community that celebrates us as one of their own with all the love and connection that comes with that status. If we feel like we truly belong here, we liberate ourselves from self-doubt and maximize our contribution to our colleagues, customers and friends.

In a peri- pandemic world, where every day brings unpredictable shocks and surprises, the chief role that leaders at every level play is to make people feel safe to be their best and take bold risks to win. Safety and risk are not opposites. They depend on each other. People will only swing for the fences if they know they will be rewarded for their courage. In this book, Diane and I take you on an exhilarating journey to becoming the Keeper of the Safety Flame – that is someone who creates belonging in a hybrid world, who grows enriching relationships, who owns their power, wins on the brink, and shows the way. You will learn about your remarkable capacity for change, how to reprogram your brain for success, and how to become an icon of resilience who inspires others to shine.

You Belong Here gives you the tools and strategies backed by science to create an environment where others flourish so you will too. You can order your copy on now, you can download the ebook through Kindle, or you can buy the audiobook which I read myself on You can also order your book directly off the site and if you lead a team, let’s talk about how I can help you make every one of your team members believe that they belong here. You can reach out to me on or call me at 416-917-6007 and let’s swing for the fences together!

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  1. Scott Beck

    I wish I was leading a sales team still, I would recommend everybody read your books especially my fellow managers. Looking forward to hearing you read this to me with he enthusiasm only you can provide.


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