Mike Lipkin helps clients navigate complex change, build strong teams and develop their personal brands/executive presence. 

Mike is super-curious about clients’ hopes and dreams. He makes every conversation an uplifting experience. He uses metaphors and models to illuminate key messages. He focuses on immediate actions, while planning long-term strategies. Mike helps his clients tell their authentic story. In short, he excites clients into effective action. He is also always accessible – 24/7/365.

Mike was a senior executive at WPP Advertising for 10 years. In 2002, he founded a joint venture communication and training company with Environics, a leading research house. He is also a strategic coach to CEOs of top tier companies and a marquee keynote speaker, delivering over 50 sessions per year.

Mike is proud of his longstanding coaching relationships with CEOs and senior executives of world-class companies. He has written 18 books on leadership and high performance. He has also grown a multi-million dollar company from scratch. He has received feedback from hundreds of people that he has materially improved their lives. 

Mike works with anyone who has a passion for personal evolution. His clients range from leaders of billion dollar multinationals to leaders of small companies. He also works with managers at all levels – individually and in groups. 

Mike is a voracious reader of current affairs, personal biographies, and crime fiction. He works out seven days a week on the Peloton and Cross Trainer. He loves to travel with his wife to stylish destinations like Greece, France and Italy. He likes hiking in beautiful places. He mentors young talent and new immigrants to Canada.