Mike Lipkin Launches The Potentiator Book

Every day we’re faced with a future that seems more daunting than the day before. The problems appear bigger than ever but so do the opportunities. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and alone in the face of such cataclysmic change.

That’s why we’re only as good as the Potentiators we purposefully place in our lives. They are the everyday superheroes whose superpower is to enable us to perform at our best. In turn, we need to intentionally play that role for other people. That’s how breakthroughs are created in a post-pandemic world. In this heart-stirring guide, Mike Lipkin shows you how to succeed at others’ success, while you live your best life. Specifically, he introduces you to The Five Potentiator Practices that will multiply your impact and scale your results: Know Your Game. Build Robust Resilience. Grow Courageous Creativity. Communicate Like a Champion. And Cultivate Close Connections.

Through revealing case studies, research-backed insights, and powerful exercises, you’ll discover how to transform yourself into the Potentiator – to the enormous benefit of everyone around you. You won’t be derailed by distraction. You’ll be driven by the thrill of discovery. Now more than ever, the world needs you to unleash your superpower. Mike Lipkin shows you how.

Learn More About The Book & Order Your Copy Today – https://potentiator.mikelipkin.com

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