Take Off Against The Headwind

Hi, this is Mike Lipkin, aka The Potentiator. I am thrilled with the work that we have done together since March 2020. We’ve come through two years of unprecedented challenges and change. And yet here we are – stronger, faster, smarter than ever before. The next two years will be a time of transformation to the next kind of hybrid, multiverse, in-person, hyper-speed, super-connected abnormal because normal doesn’t live here anymore and it’s never coming back. We will prepare ourselves for jobs and opportunities that are just emerging. We will combine platforms and people to produce mind-blowing results. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the immediate past is prologue to the immediate future. We’ve experienced a taste of what’s coming but we ain’t seen nothing yet. All our experiences have served a single purpose: to get us to this moment. What we do today, and I mean literally today, could shape all our tomorrows. Hey, even this message could enable us to create something remarkable together. In fact, I’m counting on it. 

As the global headwinds build, from rising inflation, rates and volatility to flattening growth and risk aversion, just know that Airplanes take off against the wind to generate more lift. Lift is the invisible force that works against the weight of an airplane to prevent it from falling out of the sky. All airplanes generate lift. Most of an airplane’s lift is generated by its wings. As air flows under the wings, it pushes the airplane up.

Against-the-wind takeoffs allow airplanes to generate more lift. Airplanes must achieve a fast enough speed when taking off to maintain airflow under their wings. This is why airplanes accelerate when taking off. While an airplane’s engines create most of the propulsion needed to accelerate an airplane, against-the-wind takeoffs — also known as headwind takeoffs — help significantly. The speed at which the air moves under an airplane’s wings affects the amount of lift it generates. The faster the air moves, the more lift the wings will generate. 

So how can you take off against the headwinds that are building? How can you turn other people’s fears into your rocket fuel? Now more than ever, your communities need you to be the Potentiator – someone who creates breakthroughs with others in a post-pandemic world. The Potentiator has achieved remarkable impact since it was published in January. Thousands of people have elevated their game to another level through The Potentiator Practices and I would love to do the same with you and your teams. Let’s talk. Call me on 416-917-6007, tweet me @mikelipkin or email me at Mike.lipkin@environics.ca Until then remember, the greatest opportunities come disguised as the greatest threats. Turn towards them and take off.

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  1. Hutch

    Mike, been out here following your messages and publications for almost 30 years now! Thanks for, and keep up the great work,


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