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"Thank you for joining us for the Deloitte Tax & Legal partner conference. Your speech was both energizing and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing your invaluable insights, which couldn’t be timelier given the enormous disruption our firm faces over the coming years."

Philippe Bélair, Managing Partner, Tax & Legal, Deloitte Canada

“Thank you for an awesome meeting and thought provoking content. I truly believe everyone there walked away with something they can leverage, to take the team and themselves to the next level professionally."

Dee Weston, Sr. Product Manager, Otsuka

"Thank you very much for an inspiring and insightful presentation!"

Diane Oddi, Director, Communications and Marketing, Mandeville Private Client Inc.

"Outstanding once again. Thanks a million."

Alicia Rollo , Director, Education and International Affairs , Canadian Institute of Actuaries

"This was our best conference ever in our history, and I have you to thank for ending us on such a high note.  I absolutely loved how you weaved in some of our best and brightest into your talk – great recognition for them and made it personalized and so relevant for our business."

Sarah Armstrong, Senior Vice President, Sales & Distribution, Knowledge First Financial

"Your messages were extremely well received, timely to what we are going through and presented in a way that really helped everyone engage.  Its always good to spend some time chuckling…and much of that laughter was likely directed at each of ourselves individually.  Making people uncomfortable in a fun way is actually a great way to drive self-awareness.  I’ve taken away several of your quotes and now have them up on my white board!! Your candor and willingness to push our thinking was terrific."

Tammi Lisson, SVP Operations, Canadian Banking, RBC Royal Bank

"Mike, a heartfelt thanks for your performance. I have received countless emails from colleagues commenting on the impact it made to their day. This is just the outcome we were looking for!"

Claire Clindinning, Director, People, Process & Change, BMO Financial Group

"I wanted to send a very big thank you for all your great contributions to the team meeting. You and your talk resonated so well with the team!"

Tanya Szesny Gaynor, Director, Strategy & Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

"Another huge thank you for an amazing session. You are incredible at what you do – grateful that have you supporting us."

Lucas Ethier, Executive Vice President, PRIMED Medical Products Inc.

"Your presentation earned a huge positive response. I’d say you definitely hit the “WOW” factor."

Karen Cannon, Deputy Quality Director, Booz Allen Hamilton

"I cannot recall another speaker who seized the opportunity to personalize the message like you did. I was most impressed with how you took the time to socialize with our team the night before, had a genuine interest in their success, and integrated much of what you discovered in that short time into your presentation and interactions with our team during your session the following day.  You did a wonderful job engaging our team and provided an excellent message, well done! Thank you for sharing your expertise as a storyteller and providing insights in a very compelling and charismatic manner. The team feedback was very positive, and the message well received. Providing personal signed copies of your book was a classy touch to cap off our experience."

Steve Wallmer, Chief Sales Officer, Vice President, HUB International

"Thank you so much.  What a wonderful session – you really are a master.  Already receiving many notes about how valuable the group found the approach and content!"

Larissa Chaikowsky, Chief Operating Officer, US Wealth, BMO Financial Group

"Thank you Mike and team!  This was truly a beneficial workshop and definitely met the objectives to reflect, recharge and reset.  Looking forward to applying the lesson’s learned asap!”

Erin Bruggeman, National Sales Manager, Smith & Nephew

"Thank you for another successful session filled with valuable information and insight. The feedback was outstanding."

Graham Taylor, Managing Director, OSFI-BSIF