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Hi, this is Mike Lipkin and welcome to this breakthrough moment. No matter who you are, you are playing multiple roles on the different stages of your life: you are a parent, partner, spouse, friend, worker, player, confidante, teacher, student, leader, follower, citizen, disruptor, supporter, innovator, influencer, consumer, and producer.

Sometimes, you can play all those roles in a single day. It can be dizzying shape-shifting from one role to the other literally minute by minute. Certain roles are more comfortable than others. They come easier to us. They align with our natural tendencies. They make us feel in control.

Other roles are much tougher. They don’t seem to fit us. We feel false when we play them. They demand qualities that we don’t believe we have. They seem to threaten our credibility and reputation. Every time we play them, we’re scared we’re going to fail. And the most frightening thing of all is that we have to play these roles more often, and there’s so much riding on every performance.

These are the roles that you cannot run away from. They are a crucial part of your work, life or play. They determine your ultimate level of success and impact on the lives around you. When you think of them, your pulse accelerates; your palms go sweaty; your chest tightens. You wish you didn’t have to play them, but you do. And you have to play them well.

Sometimes, you need to consciously act the part especially when the role is uncustomary for you. Park your feelings of fakeness to the side. Become an “authentic actor.” Yes, it’s an oxymoron. You need to express the best part of you while you play your part. Paradoxically, you can be an even better version of you when you’re acting than when you’re not.

This is Mike Lipkin. I am the Potentiator. And I approve this message.

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