Rebound In The Year Of The Rabbit

We’re coming into 2023 with eyes wide open. We expect it to be hard. We expect a recession. We expect the war to continue. We expect interest rates to rise further. We expect a pause before we hit fast-forward again. We’re girding ourselves for the grind. The good news is that the bad news is already baked in. The prevailing mindset is pessimistic. Difficulty is easier to handle when it’s anticipated. I would rather anticipate hardship and prepare for good fortune than anticipate good fortune and be unprepared for hardship. 

Here are Mike Lipkin’s Seven Ways To Rebound In The Year of The Rabbit:

  1. Choose Courage. The right way is never the easy way. The calibre of your actions are directly proportionate to the fear you feel when you take them. It’s easier to be brave when you have no alternative so decide what you can never back away from. You’ll also discover that luck favours the brave. 
  2. Pace Yourself. Achieve internal equilibrium. Make your personal well-being your #1 priority. It’s going to be a long hard march to 2024. Learn to manage failure, rejection, disappointment, anger, upset, fatigue and frustration – they are all going to confront you in abundance. Do the work. Find a coach. Build the right habits.
  3. Believe In Your Impact. If not you, then who? You are the person someone else is depending on to move forward. Act like you make a difference because you do. Go looking for ways to contribute. MAGIC really means Make A Greater Individual Contribution. Small things are big. One gesture from you can change the course of someone else’s life. When in doubt, do something. Nothing comes from nothing, but something always comes from something.
  4. Focus On Your Prize. Kobe Bryant said, “I focus on one thing and one thing only – that’s trying to win as many championships as I can.” Focus is power. It enables you to cut through the swirl and distraction. It concentrates your energy on what matters most. I’m focusing on creating bestselling books and programs that inspire people to live at their best. What’s it for you?
  5. Trade Certainty For Speed. The unimaginable has become real. Surprise is the new familiar. Chronic unpredictability is the only thing that is certain. Experiment and adapt. Plan for success but change the plan as circumstances change. Spring into opportunities and figure it out as you go along. Fumble, stumble and fail your way to the prize. Remember: winners will always lose more than losers because they’re trying more things. 
  6. Cultivate Close Connections. We’re only as good as the loyalties we earn. Social capital will be even more precious in 2023. Whoever attracts the most desirable people wins. Competence is not enough. Neither is commitment, kindness, and generosity. You must become known for having those qualities. That means reaching out to new people in new ways – online and in-person – including using your current connections to cultivate new ones. 
  7. Express Your Joie De Vivre. Consciously show your joy and gratitude to others. Make people want to work with you because you uplift their spirits. Control your dark side. Take out your temper on inanimate objects. Work it out in the gym or with a therapist or coach. Compliment people on their contributions. Elevate the experience of being with you. Create happiness and the rewards will follow. 

This is Mike Lipkin and I look forward to helping you have a highly productive and pro-creative Year of The Rabbit. 

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