Joe Harris, Premier Health Care Services, Inc.

“Mike, I wanted to thank you for your excellent presentation at our retreat in Columbus. I’ve received lots of positive feedback. Everyone seems to have found it energizing as well as entertaining. Thanks for a job well done!”

Russell Bandy, GE Infrastructure, Security, Director Of Business Development – Corporate Initiatives

“Just a quick note to say thanks again for the outstanding and inspirational messages you provided our Team yesterday. After you left, many people came and thanked me for bringing you in to speak to us – both first and second timers. You will be gratified to know that several people that saw, and enjoyed,…

Megan Mitchell, Manager, Innovation and Leadership Development, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Canada

“Nothing but positive feedback from people in all levels of the company. From our receptionist to our Directors, Mike had universal appeal and relevance. People were blown away.”

Colin. C. Rorrie, President, Meeting Professionals International, & Marsha L. Flanagan,Senior Vice President, Meeting Professionals International

“What a great WEC in Denver! The tone was set from the opening general session and your keynote was a large reason for the positive response we received. We continue to receive comments about the energy you created with your presentation”

Gary C.Coleman, Global Managing Director, Manufacturing, Deloitte

“As always, your time on stage was both enlightening and entertaining. Your infectious energy helped our partners to be engaged throughout the Summit and most importantly, “light their inner flame” to take personal action!”

Marnie Weber, Regional Director, Toronto Region, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

“People were engaged and energized by your accounts. After the workshop, a number of staff said they had appreciated your insights and felt they would be able to put in practice some of the leveraging approaches to societal trends as your outlines.”

Jerry P. Leamon, Global Managing Partner, Member of the Executive, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

“Thanks for a great contribution to the success of our program in Toronto last week. I know we can always count on you to deliver motivational perspectives, to add value, and to energize the team. It is a pleasure working with you, and looking downstream, I look forward to future opportunities to work together to…

Acher Elfassy, National Sales Manager, Abbott Laboratories Limited

“Mike provided numerous truisms in a thought provoking fashion and many Lipkinisms have already infiltrated the Abbott vocabulary! Mike is excellent at what he does. Feedback from participants was that this was one of the best sessions ever and left extremely motivated!”

Gaurav Rastogi, Head of Global Sales Effectiveness, Infosys Technologies Ltd.

“Congratulations on an absolutely fabulous session with our sales team in Puerto Rico last month. The session was rated as the top session for the entire event. The halls reverberate with confounding Lipkinisms now!”