So tired, so scared, so turned-on…

It’s 4.10 am EST. Except I’m on an aeroplane somewhere over the Atlantic so I don’t know what time it is. In the last ten days, I’ve been to Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Manchester, England, and now I’m on my way to Berlin. I’ve been talking to people about confronting massive change – the kind of change that can bury you, obliterate you, disappear you. I’ve looked into the eyes of people who are dazed, confused and disbelieving. They cannot fully comprehend what’s happening, so they feel even greater fear about what’s to come. Me too. I’m just as confused as the people I talk to. Maybe even worse because I’ve positioned myself as the guy who knows things others don’t. Except I don’t. And even when I think I do, it rarely happens the way I think it will. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I know what I read. And I read a lot. I know what I hear. And I hear a lot. That’s all I do – read, listen, talk, read, listen, talk. So I know what should happen next. I know what the experts say will happen next. But that’s all a joke because it hardly ever happens the way we think it will. So I’m just as scared as the people I’m paid to help stop being scared.

I’m also so damn tired. The kind of tired that seeps into your marrow and makes you want to sleep for a week, and then get up and sleep some more. It’s called life on 5 hours sleep a night, in multiple time zones, with so many people, with so much at stake. It’s called life on the ledge – where Kudos and Terror play hide and seek in my overbuzzed brain. And there’s no end to it. It’s summertime and the living supposed to be easy. But this will be my busiest month of the year. I’m living my own version of Climate Change. So I’m off to talk to consultants in Berlin until Friday. Then I’m off to San Franscisco and LA before returning to Toronto on Tuesday.

But you know what? I’m loving it. I’m bumping up against my limits with every breath and every word. This blog is proof. It’s my first one. It’s the beginning of a journal that I get to share with whoever cares to share it with me. I’m living the dream, baby. I’m doing what I’m designed to do – inspire others to inspire others especially when they’re scared and tired. I’m fascinated by the technology that’s powering this communication. I’m enthralled by the violence and velocity of the change we’re living through. I’m grateful for my skills and the resilience to do what I’m doing. I’m humbled by the courage and ingenuity I witness in so many people every day. I’m amazed at the opportunities and possibilities that are constantly opening up for me. I’m thankful for my family who give me the strength and permission to live my nomadic lifestyle. I’m in awe of my body that takes a licking and keeps on ticking so I can keep on keeping on. It may all change tomorrow but right now I’m on fire. The fear, the fatigue, the overwhelm, the anxieties, and the setbacks are nothing compared to the magic, the wonder, the contribution, the joy, the adventure, the connection, the warmth, the laughter and the breakthroughs. Stay tuned…

11 thoughts on “So tired, so scared, so turned-on…

  1. karim kanji


    the first time i had the opportunity to listen to you, you got me *JACKED!!*

    your enthusiasm is contagious, even online i can feel your energy!

    thanks for sharing your energy and continue your good works. i look forward to following and sharing in your successes here.


  2. Lori

    you have captured my life in a nutshell……I am so there too…..what your blog made me realize is that I am not alone! You are jet setting the world, our lives are much simpler, but when we read your books, listen to you and now have access to blogs, it becomes clear that you can put into words what we cannot! Kudos, keep doing it.

    Just a note to respond to Karim….seeing Mike live is worth it, you HAVE to find a way! I have read all his books, seen him live, listened to him, quoted him, used his books and CD to augemnet my teaching style. Taken on one thought as a mantra that has helped me deal with a lot of stress….”some people don’t know, that they don’t know, that they don’t know”…..when that really sinks in, it gives you a new perspective on life… my point….yes, there is one, Karim…..find a way to see Mike live!

  3. Tom Paleczny

    Mike, I’ve read your books, listen to you speak on numerous occasions but still continue to seek the silver bullet…when it comes to my passion around horses and long distance races I seem to have IT! But my day to day work load and busy schedule seems to keep me from really becoming preeminate! I’m not going to give up though…you can lead a horse to water But will they drink?

    I also wanted to share with you that on numerous occasions I have used your story of the fire dieing down…most recent was with my daughter who is struggling thru some difficult times…when I recently ended a talk with her by outlining the “Fire” she seemed to have changed in both her voice and thoughts…she GOT IT! Thanks Mike, you have assisted a Father help his Daughter and for this Father it is huge!!! Tom

  4. Larry


    Keep on chugging. You are perhaps the most memorable speaker and writer I have encountered in my 28 yrs career as an entrepreneur and have gone through my shares of big wins and losses. I too am amazed at my resilience and adaptability to the changes in career, world, life, relationships, body and mind that this voyage takes me.

    Thanks for the blog and being able to hear the real you, tired, feared and pushing like all the rest of us. Hopefully the world will finally solve some of its major problems and the masses realize that resources are not infinite. And to wage war and seek power just wastes these resources that could be put to great use healing all of our natural problems. Have a great weekend or, rather enjoy the peaceful times when you can grab them.

  5. Ellen Lockwald

    As the person responsible for your recent visit to Chicago, I just want to say – “THANK YOU!!!”. While you may have been exhausted and terrified, no one at our conference could tell and our audience was blown away by you and your message. As you know, this was our major client event and you should be proud to know that you received RAVE reviews – many clients informed me that you were the best keynote speaker we have had in more than 15 years! You inspired all of us to “live above the line” on a daily basis, and boldly face a market where we are experiencing some pretty scary changes. You were an absolute joy to work with, and I sincerely hope I have the pleasure of working with you again. If not, I hope I am able to attend another of your presentatations that you are delivering for some other lucky organization. You can be sure that I will be reading your latest book! I wish you continued success, as well as the free time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and your family!

  6. Paul Roach


    I believe a true test of a speaker/motivator’s worth is “how long after his appearance, is his message relevant?”. I can tell you with certainty, your dissertation is still fresh and applicable 18 months later. I hope family and business is well.



    Welcome to the blogosphere Mike!
    Your notes showed me that regardless who you are in this world, we are all facing the same challenges every day 🙂

    I believe change is inevitable and is part of evolving as human beings. We all need to develop flexibility and adaptability to enjoy life to the fullest.

    Thanks for sharing how you truly feel when you are not “on”.
    This blog makes you REAL!

  8. Chris Champagne

    Hi Mike, it’s been almost 4 years since we had breakfast together at the Second Cup in Toronto on a snowy winter morning. It was at this meeting that you inspired to “follow my heart, my passion” and start blazing an entrepreneurial path. Well it’s been one heck of ride and I can tell you this experience has made me stronger in more ways than I could ever imagined. I look forward to connecting again with you in Toronto when your schedule permits.


  9. Iman Al Ghafari

    “Bumping up against my limits with every breath and every word” …that’s what you do to the people who read your books and listen to your words. Your sentence teared my eyes.
    You’re opening the vail that keeps people from feeling and living life ,,that’s why oppotunities open to you. It is amazing how powerful your energy is. May you always be in the best condition.
    Best wishes

  10. Margaret Firbank

    By sheer coincidence at our local library, I saw a book written by you on your time in depression and read it (To Hell and Back I think). You are very honest and open with your writing. I remember you on SATV in the mornings which my whole family enjoyed and got us started for the day. SA needs people like you here to motivate us and to keep up the spirits. You are such a passionate person and I wish you and your family well.

  11. Chris

    Mike: Saw you at the NIGP conference last week. I never in a million years would have detected in your presentation the words you wrote in this blog.

    The blog brings up a 1000 questions.

    When we see presentations such as yours , we don’t see the human dynamic that goes on behind the scenes.


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