Are you a Farmer, Hunter or Magnet?

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Hi this is Mike Lipkin and welcome to this breakthrough moment. In the game of opportunities, there are three kinds of players:

Farmers: these are people that develop a limited number of good relationships. They nurture those relationships over time. They go deep and they go long. They build trust and loyalty. But they are vulnerable to sudden loss when someone else brings a radically new value proposition to their stakeholders. Being a farmer is also hard work.

Hunters: these are people that are in constant search of new relationships. They are mobile and motivational. They pivot according to circumstance. They are opportunistic and creative. They pursue many prospects in the hope of landing a few. They don’t have the time or inclination to go deep or long. They are attracted to the next new shiny thing or person. Being a hunter is also hard work.

Magnets: these are people that attract others to them. They have built personal brands that appeal to their prospects. Their reputation draws others towards them. They are the recognized champions in their domain. Their work talks for itself. Being a magnet isn’t hard work. It eliminates most of the work because opportunities flow towards it. You can focus on being your best while you create breakthroughs for others.

Makes you think doesn’t it? This is Mike Lipkin. I am the Potentiator. And I approve this message.

Find out more about how to become The Potentiator


3 thoughts on “Are you a Farmer, Hunter or Magnet?

  1. Wayne Anthony

    As always, thank you for your nuggets of wisdom Mike. I’m stepping slightly out of bounds but, wouldn’t the combination of a magnet and Thought Leader be somewhat of a Super Hero persona! I would love to explore that prospect. Looking forward to your next edition Mike. Have a great month Mike!

  2. Michael Zengen

    After living in “The Sweet Spot” since the last time I saw you present, this is the perfect way to blend the positive attributes of Hunters as well as Farmers.
    The two are now merged in this newly defined sweet spot known as “Being A MAGNET”. Thanks for this.


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