Break Your Own Records, Together

Hi, this is Mike Lipkin and I want to talk to you about one of the greatest races in Olympic history. In Tokyo, on August 3, 2021, Karsten Warholm of Norway won the men’s 400m Hurdles in a time of 45.94 seconds that crushed the previous world record of 46.7 seconds.   Rai Benjamin of the United States was second in a time of 46.17 seconds that also comfortably broke the previous world record, which just prior to the Olympics had stood for nearly 29 years. What’s more, the race was run in 990 heat. Warholm shocked himself by running that fast. 

It seemed like a herculean solo effort, but it was the result of elaborate collaboration between thousands of people. Besides Warholm’s preparation, it took the platform of the Olympic Games, the competitive intensity with Rai Benjamin, and the footwear designed by Puma and the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team to achieve the unprecedented outcome. On top of all of that, Warholm pushed himself so hard that he couldn’t even feel his legs at the end of the race. “I just ran for my life” he said. 

In a way, Warholm’s story is the story of anyone that is seeking to thrive in the next normal. We’re all running for our lives. We’re all facing adverse conditions. We all need to break records to win against extreme competition. Every day is our own Olympic final. It’s exhausting and exciting in equal measure. 

In the last year, new records are being set across the entire spectrum. The covid 19 vaccine was developed in under a year versus the previous fastest development of 4 years, being the Mumps vaccine. The use of channels like Teams and Zoom has exploded, as has telemedicine. The economy is growing at over 6%. The stock market is at an all-time high. Interest rates are at all-time lows. More people are resigning from their jobs and more new businesses are being started than ever before. Volatility indexes are 6X higher than before the pandemic. The impact of climate change is now more palpable than ever – more than 60 percent of Americans say it has affected their communities. And rates of depression and anxiety are quadruple previous levels – at almost 40% of all adults. 

It’s literally too much. Even when the news is good, it can still be overwhelming. You are forgiven for feeling fatigued or afraid. An abnormal response to an abnormal situation is normal. For the time being, peace of mind may not be possible. As the virus mutates, so do our fears. It’s easy to feel paralyzed or stuck. We are all experiencing some degree of post-traumatic stress. The dark side is constantly calling to us. There are so many unknowns that could trip us up at any time. 

So what’s the solution? Well, no one would blame you for wanting to wait and see what happens next. Just getting through the day is a significant achievement. Being good enough may even be good enough. Playing defence may be an appropriate strategy for survival. But that’s not how you break records. 

If you want to break records, you have to run it like Warholm. As he said, “I ran sort of scared and that’s something that I always do.” Fear is fuel if you funnel it effectively. So here’s Lipkin’s Five Ways To Break Your Own Records, Together: 

  1. Find Your Own Records To Break: What amazing, inspiring outcomes do you want to achieve by December 31, 2021? What’s your motivation for achieving them? Why are you willing to do whatever it takes to make them happen? In my case, I want to publish my new book, The Potentiator, and make it an Amazon Bestseller. I want to deliver 40 keynotes and workshops. I want to begin 20 new coaching relationships that enable my clients to break their own records. 
  1. Learn The Way: What skills or insights will enable you to break your own records? Who can help you acquire them? What course do you need to take? In my case, I need to discover how to launch my book with maximum impact and communicate its potency. I’m partnering with Jesse Finkelstein and her remarkable team at Page Two Publishing to make it happen. And I’ve enrolled myself with Ideo U to learn new ways of collaborating creatively. 
  1. Get started: What must you do right now to begin your race to the finish line on December 31, 2021? What excuses do you need to burn? What beliefs must you focus on? In my case, I must take the necessary steps with Page Two Publishing to materialize the book. I must create videos and programs like this one. I must visualize the book in my hands and experience the joy of creating it in advance. I must burn my excuses of being too busy. I must focus on my power to potentiate other people’s greatness. And I must remind myself that I’ve created a team of champions that will help me win. 
  1. Embrace the struggle: What are the pain points you’re likely to experience? What could cripple your campaign? What are your biggest rewards for staying the course? In my case, I know how hard it is to create powerful content. I know how much time I need to sit quietly and reflect when I just want to move and talk. I know how debilitating frustration and self-doubt can be. I also know the fulfillment and euphoria I will feel when I break my own records. The pleasure is bigger than the pressure. 
  1. Inspire Others To Break Their Own Records: How do you need to show up with others? How can you position yourself as a valued resource and coach? How can you create more opportunities for impact? In my case, I need to show the delight and gratitude I feel to engage with others. I need to constantly show, not tell, my ability to excite others into actions that achieve breakthrough results. I need to earn meetings with potential record breakers through videos like this and other quality content. 

So that’s how you break your own records, together. Find your own records to break. Learn the way. Get started. Embrace the struggle. Inspire others to break their own records. I encourage you to answer the questions that I’ve put to you.

Send your responses to me. And pay this content forward. This is Mike Lipkin and we’ll celebrate at the finish line. 

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