Use Your 3 Super-Powers To Lead The Recovery

Hi, this is Mike Lipkin and I only have five words for you, “Never tell me the odds.” That’s the classic line from Han Solo to C3-PO in The Empire Strikes back as he tries to escape an Empire assault by flying his spaceship into an asteroid field. That movie was made 40 years ago but that line is more relevant than ever.

The odds are stacked against everyone except the massive organizations. Every life is being rerouted in a new direction. It may occur to us as a disaster or a catastrophe. It may seem unfair or even cruel. But if we become cynical or pessimistic in this moment, we give up all possibility of success. We also take others down with us.

You’re forgiven for being overwhelmed. You’re only human if you’re tempted to retreat into your foxhole. It’s entirely natural to be anxious about the future. In fact, it’s expected. I feel exactly the same way. Then I remember that I have a choice. I can think about all the reasons why I won’t win. Or I can focus on the one reason why I will. It’s a daily battle that I often lose, especially when I experience the inevitable loss, rejection or setback. But not today. Today I’m doubling down on my commitment to growth. As Nelson Mandela said, “do not judge me by my successes. Judge me by how many times I got knocked down and got back up again”.

Hey, the worst question you can ask yourself is, “What’s the point?” If you want to lead, it’s up to you to put the point into pointless. It’s really hard but giving into despair is even harder. When you lean into the headwind, it lifts you up. That’s why pilots take off into the wind. With the wind flowing over the wing, the airplane has an additional lift to help it become airborne.

I have a word for people that choose to win: potentiators. They are the ones that create breakthroughs with others because they are constantly searching for them. That’s why I’m creating this content. Someone, somewhere, will resonate with it. They will reach out to me and together we’ll make magic happen. All it takes is one person. This is how I turn the odds in my favour. How are you doing it?

Although it may not feel like it, we’re in the early stages of the recovery. Things are coming back to life. As a motivational speaker, I can tell you that I’m like the proverbial canary in the mineshaft. I’m an early indicator of people’s faith in the future. My work is picking up sharply and I’m determined to accelerate it. So my question to you is: are you going to lead or lag the recovery? Are you just reading the news? Or are you making the news? You don’t have to change the world. You just have to change your world.

We all have super-powers that are waiting to be unleashed. Just like Peter Parker’s precognitive spider-sense ability or Diana Prince’s superhuman strength and speed, we have Certainty, Charisma and Conditioning.

Certainty is an inside job. It’s the knowledge that you’ve built for this environment, whatever happens. It’s the ability to make fear your fuel. It’s the determination to experiment and grow. It’s the formulation of a simple plan that comprises an inspirational goal, a motivating purpose and relentless action. In short, it’s the resolution to become an essential service so the most desirable people open up to you. What would that take?

Charisma is your gift that magnetizes others to you. It requires that you act your role every time you appear on someone else’s screen. It means lighting yourself up both virtually and literally. It involves making a powerful promise that makes you irresistible. My promise in this message is to help you unleash your super-powers for success. What could yours be? The more you practice, the more charismatic you’ll become.

Conditioning is your capacity to stay the course. It’s the resilience to absorb the disappointments without being destroyed. It’s the discipline to focus on what fires you up not burns you out. It’s the love of networking with champions so you become the company you keep. And it’s the celebration of the struggle because that’s how you grow stronger, faster, smarter.

Today is a good day to become a super-hero to someone else. Do the right thing by doing it right now. This is Mike Lipkin and here are my final two words: Procrastinate later.

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