A Special Video From Mike: How To Master The Crisis

Hi everyone, this is Mike Lipkin. I’m at home, safe and sound. Weird may be the new normal out there, but in here, it’s just peachy. I’m literally in my comfort zone. And that’s the title of my talk today – Get INTO Your Comfort Zone. Ironically, that’s the biggest challenge facing us today: how can we find a sense of inner-calm in a world at war with a real, live virus, not just one that’s messing with our laptop.

I’ve gone from being a motivational speaker to being a reassuring speaker. My role now is to provide people with ways to master the crisis so they can survive the craziness. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger but only if you learn the right lessons from it. Otherwise it will just make you more afraid to ever leave your house again.

So here are Lipkin’s Ten Ways To Master The Crisis so you become stronger, better, smarter, faster and kinder. If you like them, pass them on.

1. Make Friends With Your Fear.
Be ok with not being ok. 2020 is the year of living dangerously, no matter how you live. In the age of lockdown, peace of mind has been put on hold. It’s not you. Anxiety comes with the territory. In fact, anxiety is defined by dictionary.com as: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Wow! Being anxious is a perfectly healthy response to this unprecedented threat. Let’s begin from there.

2. Acknowledge The Unreality.
Normal is weird and weird is normal. This is a massive exogenous shock. There is no playbook. We’re all making it up as we go along. This is like Alice in Wonderland written by Stephen King, it’s a real horror story. But like every story, it has a beginning, a middle and an end. The first cases were diagnosed in China in December last year. They’re already returning to normal. We’re about to follow. This too shall pass.

3. Accelerate Through The 6 Stages Of Recovery.
Corona virus is a disease that’s as much mental as it is physical. Until December 2019, Corona was a beer. Now it’s a plague. It’s literally Spanish for crown. The Corona virus is named for its appearance: under the microscope, the virus looks like it is covered with pointed structures that surrounds it like a crown. So recovery is as much a mindset as a physical state. It begins with Denial. We swear “this can’t be happening.” It’s too horrible to even think about. Then reality forces its way in. That’s when we sink into Despair. We lament, “this is the end of the world.” That’s what we’re seeing every hour on CNN or CTV. Then we just Accept it. We state, “Here we go.” Our survival instinct kicks in. We find reasons to believe. We get ready to deal with it. Then we reach Understanding. We think, “this is beginning to make sense.” We do our homework. We listen to the experts. We find trusted sources like John Hopkins Medicine. We discover that the pandemic was inevitable, but so is the cure. That’s when we decide to Engage. We believe “I can help make things better.” In ways both big and small, we become part of the solution. Finally, we reach Mastery. We sense that “I’m getting better at making things better.” We see evidence of our actions. Success begins to build on success. I’m at the level of Engage. That’s why I’ve created this message, Where are you?

4. Change Your Habits.
A habit is an established way of doing something that has become automatic. It makes our life easier because we don’t even have to think about it. It’s a behavioural shortcut. It’s designed to help us sprint through familiar territory. The Corona virus has changed that. This is not your grandfather’s reality. It’s day one every day. It could also be our last day every day. So shift your mindset. Look at your world through fresh eyes. Burn your complacency. Develop your discipline. Play at your best under the circumstances. Savour every breath. Make every day a victory. Live intentionally. Yes, it’s more work. But there is no alternative. Well there is: it’s called prison. That’s the only place where nothing changes.

5. Be Reflective, Not Reflexive.
It’s time to pause and think. We’re alone, together – not just in terms of social distancing, but in our unique, individual approach to life. We’re being forced to press pause. So lean out. Take the time to read, listen, talk, walk, write, and just breathe. Plan don’t panic. See beyond this moment. Prepare for the upturn. What will you do when this is over? Who will you become? How will you show your appreciation for the people in your life? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

6. Fantasize For Real.
Your mind is a time machine. It can teleport you to the past or to the future. Remember your cherished yesterdays. Imagine your awesome tomorrows. Look at the funny side of things that aren’t funny. Smile at the crisis. Savour the relief you’ll feel when you get through all of this. Practice being in lag time – that means living in the future before the future is present. Make your Fantasy a fact of life. I’m going to Italy. I’m eating in my favourite restaurants. I’m high-fiving and hugging my favourite people. Hey, it’s just a matter of time.

7. Take Imperfect Action.
Corona’s greatest temptation is to make you feel helpless. It can infect you with a sense of futility as much as anything else. The best vaccine is to do something no matter how small. Make a call. Keep selling. Sustain your own version of normal. Act like you’re in control. Produce a post. Join a conversation. Reach out and touch someone, virtually speaking. Propose a solution. Dance to your favourite music. Work on yourself. Oh, and wash your hands.

8. Stay Sharp.
Being sharp means having an edge that can cut or pierce something. It also means speed of perception, comprehension or response. Develop both of them. Dress for success. Look sharp on video. Maintain a robust routine. Work out while you work in. Be professional in your space. Experiment with new ways of being you. Do something you’ve never done before. It could be anything. Taste a new wine. Read a new book. Cook a new meal. Visit a new country through Google Earth. And get some sleep. When the world switches back on, make sure you are too.

9. Reassure People.
It will all be ok in the end and if it’s not the end, it’s all ok. Help people hope. See proof before it’s present. Express your interest and empathy. Remind people why they will survive and thrive. Sound like you mean it. Act with a confidence that you may not even feel. Act “as if” it’s real and it will turn out like that. That’s exactly what I’m doing now. You’ll be amazed at how reassuring it is to reassure others. It’s also the best investment you can make in your relationships. Elephants have got nothing on people. It’s people who never forget. How will you be remembered through this time?

10. Be an example.
Immunize yourself against regret. Behave now the way you want to feel about yourself later. When you look back, make sure you can look back with pride. Encourage others with your courage. This may be one of the hardest things we ever have to do. Of course, it isn’t going to be easy. Celebrate the struggle. We’re deep into the curve. Grow as you flatten it. Provide an essential service that makes you invaluable later on.

That’s it for now. If you have a team, let’s design a virtual session together that will get all your people INTO their comfort zone so they can play their best – under the circumstances. This is Mike Lipkin. I am The Potentiator and I approve this message.

5 thoughts on “A Special Video From Mike: How To Master The Crisis

  1. John Mason

    Excellent reminders about taking this time to regroup your thoughts, revamp your actions, and reassure others!

  2. Pete Ferras

    Awesome – Mr. Lipkin this shot of adrenaline, combined with your common sense approach is tremendous. Could you imagine the effects of seeing this on National TV?

  3. Joanne Chemin

    I, whole heartedly, agree on the reminders!
    Wonderful thought to contemplate; who will you be when this crisis has passed?…and it will.

    Thank you Mike, for sharing your pearls of wisdom!

  4. Christopher

    Wow Mr this is what you were born to do.
    Your messga comes in so spontaneous and so sport on.
    Thanks and keep it up. My mentor. Learnt something again as always the case with your speeches. Ciao


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