Robust Resilience

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Hi, this is Mike Lipkin and welcome to this breakthrough moment. Let’s talk about Resilience. It’s commonly defined as: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or setbacks; to endure difficulties without losing hope; to heal from hurts or traumas; to survive crises and grow stronger from them; to sustain one’s idealism and optimism after losses, failures or defeat.

Robust Resilience, however, is resilience on steroids. It is preemptive and proactive. It’s a constant state of conditioning that enables one to turn any surprise into a breakthrough. It means leaning into the storm. Instead of playing defense, it’s playing offense. It’s adaptive and anticipatory. It’s seeing around corners and sensing threats. It’s the certainty that when things don’t go the way we want them to, we will be able to master and transform them into desired outcomes.

The surfer is the perfect metaphor for Robust Resilience. They don their wetsuits, get on their boards and swim out to meet the perfect wave. Then they spend hours sitting on their boards as they scan the horizon for the next wave. When they think they see it, they swim out towards it. Then they paddle as fast as they can to catch it. Sometimes, they succeed. Most times, they don’t. It doesn’t matter to them. Being in the water is a highly desirable pursuit all by itself. In any 2-3 hour session, even a good surfer will only catch six to nine waves. Each wave will only last a few seconds. But even one wave is worth the entire effort.

When we describe something as “robust,” we mean that it’s strong and healthy. It’s ready for vigorous activity. It has the capacity to take on the big challenges. It’s been trained for high performance. It is conditioned against fatigue. It will keep going longer than anything else. It could also be the game-winner in an environment that is growing more intense every day.

You’ve got to roll with your emotions while you move relentlessly forward. If you can handle the depths, you can rise to the heights. You can’t have one without the other. This is Mike Lipkin. I am the Potentiator. And I approve this message.

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One thought on “Robust Resilience

  1. Timothy Schrider

    Outstanding content again! I really love the “Develop Your Future” theme… I struggle with looking back quite often. Somethings I did were great… some were detrimental. Thanks!


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