Make It A Pleasure

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Hi, this is Mike Lipkin and welcome to this breakthrough moment. We’re all living our own reality shows. Our friends, family, colleagues, customers and service providers are our fellow cast members. They are also our audience. They help increase our ratings as both participants and followers. They vote with their contribution to our performance and their appreciation of it.

No-one wants to be part of a performance that isn’t enjoyable. We want to be entertained. Life is too hard to hang with people that just make it harder. Whenever we have a choice, we choose to be with people that make us happy

The pursuit of happiness is a natural human instinct. The happiness of the pursuit, on the other hand, is the hallmark of Potentiators. For them, it’s the chase that counts. Difficulties, setbacks, problems, and crises are all part of the process. And so is helping others get through them.

There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is episodic. It’s a function of what happens on a specific day. It’s experiential and ephemeral. We’re happy when we go on holiday, or when we win a deal, or when we get what we want. We’re also unhappy in the absence of those moments.

Joy is an internal state that transcends temporary circumstances. It comes from consciously engaging in actions that are pleasurable for you and the people you serve – even when they’re hard. Joy is what you need when you don’t win, or when you’re not being acknowledged, or when the way forward isn’t clear. You can feel joy and pain at the same time. In fact, they are opposite sides of the same emotion – deep engagement. So never let the pressure exceed the pleasure. This is Mike Lipkin. I am the Potentiator. And I approve this message.

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2 thoughts on “Make It A Pleasure

  1. John Mason

    Mike – Excellent insight about using joy as measure of my success engaging with others and dealing with myself. Like checking the fuel gauge in my car, I realize it’s important that my life’s internal joy-meter isn’t running on empty! Thanks.

  2. Ralph H Groce III

    Mike, this latest video was an absolutely OUTSTANDING stream of extraordinary thoughts, energizing perspectives and invaluable insights. Thank you for sharing.

    From the Potentiator to the Actualizer


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