Keep your eye on the prize and the prize will pull you towards it

Iselin, New Jersey, October 6, 11.55pm


So much noise. So many distractions. So many temptations to focus on the wrong things. So many reasons to feel disturbed, dismayed and dislocated. The ante has been raised. We’re heading into deepening change and chaos. All around me, I see planned scenarios and business models being turned upside down.


It’s a whole new reality. The tide isn’t rising anymore. We’re into the ebb not the flow for the foreseeable future. And the future belongs to those who can go wherever the current leads them. It’s all about focus. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Whatever we focus on, we tend to move towards. Whatever we focus on, we tend to find. And whatever we focus on is also focusing on us. So what are you focusing on right now?


I’m in Iselin, New Jersey. Tomorrow, I’m delivering a program to 400 realtors from Century 21. My mandate is to help them thrive in tough, tough times. The day after, I’m in Cincinnati with DHL helping them focus on how to reinvent themselves for future success. I can only help them by helping myself first. So here I sit. It’s almost midnight. I feel the insistent pull of the sleep I so desperately need.  But I know I must complete this blog or it will keep drifting out ahead of me. As much as I want to sleep, I know I can only do so with a quiet mind. That’s why I’m writing this: to clear my mind so I can concentrate on my prize while I sleep and when I awake tomorrow.


My prize is simple:  I want my family to be happy and healthy. I want to be fit and strong. I want to deliver 40 seminars between now and the end of the year. I want to sell 20 000 copies of my new book, One Life, One Meeting. I want to fill my pipeline for the first quarter of 2009. I want to feel fully used at the end of every day. I want to be at my best when times are at their toughest. I want to be a model of what’s possible so I inspire others to do the same. These are just a few of my favourite things. And the more I focus on them, the more I’ll attract them towards me. In fact, just writing these words is powerful mojo. I’m getting my thoughts out of my head where they’ve got nowhere to go. I’m sharing them with my global community where they’ll flow into all the minds that need them. How cool is that?


What are some of your favourite things? How strongly are you focused on them? How freely are you sharing them? Share them with everyone on this blog. Seize the moment. If you write them down, they will come…

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