If you never watched this video, not a single deadline would be missed. But maybe your biggest opportunities would pass you by. This message can literally transform your career because it’s about the most vital skill you can build: how to sell without being a salesman.The most successful professionals motivate others to choose them. They don’t “close the sale”. They open the relationship. They are the Sales Grandmasters.

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Mike, as always, YOU were AWESOME! I could sense the intensity in the room and know that you delivered 100% effort.

Chris Brock, Director Member Services, RE/MAX Dixie Region

"Mike, thanks for doing such an amazing job for us. The day became everything I hoped for and I think we actually managed to turn a few heads. I can honestly say I haven’t had so many “thank you’s” in a long time."

John Clinton, President, Transcontinental Media

You really made an impression at our conference. I appreciate the energy that you brought to the day and your desire to keep it going.

Kelly Aldana, Director of Marketing, Cara Operations Limited

I want to say how much we enjoyed your presentation at our meeting in New Brunswick. Everyone, and I mean everyone, thought you were fantastic; entertaining AND inspirational. As a group we get along pretty well and our meetings are usually a very positive event, but I’ve had more comments suggesting that this one will be hard to top, thanks to you.

Jay Gould, President, New York Fries

Mike – you were an absolute highlight at our event. Your energy is contagious and your message inspiring. Thank you!

Karen Brookman, President, Commonwealth Legal